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About Us

Welcome to R&B Photography

I am Brijesh, and I am the principal photographer and one half of R&B Photography, along with my wife Reshma, who is in charge of creative design and album creations.

My world consists of my wife, my beautiful daughter, Aria, my family, holidays, hanging out with my friends and spending most of my time behind the camera lens.

My passion for photography started at a very young age when my dad gave me a film camera to play with. Back then, you had to be disciplined and try get the picture right in camera as you only had a limited number of shots available from one film roll, this philosophy still sticks with me today.

I loved experimenting with different scenes and started my love for photography with landscape and travel photography, documenting all the wonderful and scenic locations I travelled.

Shortly following my own wedding, my interests grew in wedding photography and I was asked by a good friend to document their engagement ceremony which then led to me also photographing their wedding event. Posting the pictures online, I started to get a lot of enquiries for wedding photography and the rest is history…

Although we specialise in Asian Wedding Photography, I love to capture weddings of all faiths ensuring I create memories that last for a lifetime.


My style of photography is very much documentary and candid, with a relentless focus on capturing the story of your day. I believe it’s important to capture those special moments that my clients will most definitely want to hold on to.

Through my vision and passion to create stunning images that bounce off the page I have had the privilege to be a part of many happy memories with my clients, who have now become very good friends.

I believe it’s important to get to know your photographer as on your big day, you probably won’t see anyone else as much. Equally, I really like getting to know my couples so I can capture those moments that you both share together in a unique way.

I love socialising and on the odd occasion a good old fashioned drink as well, so why not get in touch with me, I would love to have a chat and discuss your individual requirements further.

We look forward to hearing from you


A few kind words from some our past couples…

Bansri & Cheerag Patel

On your wedding day, everyone has that one special person who is with you all day. That person reminds you to smile when your daydreaming, tells you to reshuffle your chundri, keeping you looking like a princess, and is in front of you throughout the emotional rollacoster of the Hindu ceremony and beyond….for me, that was Brijesh!

R&B Photography captured every detail of our ceremony in such a creative yet classic style. Impressive images varied from the natural shots of ghee dripping from a spoon into the fire, the eye contact between my parents, the wheel of the car as it drove over the coconut to staged shots from our preshoot, where it would be fair to say the team were not scared to try something new, including a bit of rock climbing! Those small touches have shown an immense amount of skill and have taken the pictures to another level.

Cheerag and I are so greatful to have worked with you and your amazingly, talented team.
Your professionalism, kindness and jokes made us feel relaxed and comfortable. As they say, a picture tells a 1000 stories so thank you for doing the day justice and conveying our story through your photography.

Reema & Sash Patel

Our wedding in Dallas has been one of our busiest, memorable and exciting week’s overall.

We can’t thank Brijesh enough for being our enthusiastic, fun and supportive photographer. 

We would like to thank you for making our week so special.

With both of us planning our wedding from two different countries, one of our main concerns was capturing each moment of our week no matter how many mishaps occurred. 

You made us feel as though we weren’t just with professionals, but also with family. We enjoyed every moment with you and are glad you were able to celebrate our joyous moments with us.

The moments you have captured for us are absolutely stunning, and we are extremely happy with the outcome.
We look forward to sharing more memories with you in the future!!
Kina & Hiren Patel

Over the past year we’ve gone through the most amount of emotions ever and each of them we truely believe you have captured perfectly for us.

From the moment we met you, you made us feel comfortable, you always spoke through what you would be doing and you just made us feel so calm in front of the camera. More than just a photographer brij, you are a top guy!

Thank you so much for all your effort and creative work over the last year! So.. You’re now booked for all our future events – parties, renewal of our vowels and lots more. It would be a dream to work with you again

Neelam & Mihir Shah

Mihir and I would like to thank you for your amazing photography service that you provided from our engagement up through till our big day. 

You were professional at all times.

Over the past 18 or so months you have been incredibly accepting and helpful with all the advice and reassurance that you provided along the way.

The photos that you took on our wedding day as well as the other events are fantastic!! We were definitely blessed with such an amazing sunny day, however I still think you would have executed an amazing set of images for us regardless as you have a great eye for capturing the perfect image.

Looking through the images brings back the wonderful memories from the day, and this is what we wanted, for someone to capture these precious moments, that will live with us forever!! You did this exceptionally well. And we love the images that you captured from the day.

Brijesh to say it simply, you did a amazing job!! 


Khatidja & Alexandre Finch

We want to thank you for being such a brilliant photographer for our wedding events. You made everything so easy, and helped us feel natural in front of the camera. The photos are amazing and we’re so grateful we were introduced to you. You’re great Brijesh 🙂 xxx