Ravi & Risha - Hindu Wedding - Parklands Quendon Hall | R&B Photography
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Ravi & Risha – Hindu Wedding – Parklands Quendon Hall

Ravi & Risha – Hindu Wedding – Parklands Quendon Hall

What an absolute pleasure it was to be a part of Risha & Ravi‘s wedding events.

Having shot their friend’s wedding events in the past, and having met Risha during this time, it was a pleasure when she got in touch again to discuss her own wedding events.

Here is a quick preview from their same day wedding edit which was played during their classy and elegant wedding reception event last night with a couple of hours of spare time during the turnaround.

Enjoy your honeymoon and look forward to seeing you guys in coming weeks…

R&B Photography

Big shout out to the team for their help and efforts of this shoot – Khalid Bari, Navvi Verma, Sarfu Khorasi

As always awesome working with some of the finest wedding suppliers in the industry..

Photos & Video – R&B Photography Team & The Film Editor
Priest – Kamal Pandey
AV/Sound – Shiv Gopal
Mandap/Decor – Om Creatives
MUA – Patti Panue
Caterers – Ragasaan Arun Ragamama